Echoes: A Collection of Linked-Verse Poetry

By Michelle Hyatt & Jacob Salzer

Echoes is a collection of linked-verse poetry by Michelle Hyatt and Jacob Salzer. This collection features tan renga sequences, yotsumono, rengay, experimental rengay, junicho, a kasen, and solo linked-verse. In this collaboration, the authors hear the echoes of their ancestors as they create their own echoes rippling into the future.

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Echoes is a wonderful collaboration between two great haiku poets. Each carefully crafted sequence will stretch the readers' imagination and take them on a journey of possibilities with every twist and turn. Buckle up and enjoy the ride.”


—Brendon Kent, Head English Haiku Instructor online for Haiku University (Tokyo), English Adjuster for The World Haiku Association (WHA) Anthologies, Member of the British Haiku Society, & author of 'moon on water' by Alba Publishing (2018)



“Echoes is an enchanting read carrying us on a poetic journey with the natural world, its sheer beauty and spontaneity, juxtaposed with the two authors' sensitive interactions in the human world and nature. In this delightful book, Michelle Hyatt and Jacob Salzer present a seamless collaboration of linked verses in various traditional forms inspired by love and awe.”


—Diana Saltoon, Author of Wife, Just Let Go: Zen, Alzheimer’s, and Love, with Robert Briggs (2017), Tea and Ceremony (2004), The Common Book of Consciousness (1990), and Four Hands: Green Gulch Poems (1987)



“Displaying command of a wide range of linked forms, from the shortest tan-renga to a full 36 link kasen, Jacob and Michelle have woven a tapestry of micro-narratives with a serene and distinctly humane touch. There is a warm tranquility at the heart of this collection that uplifts the spirit of the reader.”


—Clayton Beach, Editor of Heliosparrow poetry journal and co-founder of Heliosparrow Press



I just finished this fabulous book of poetry by Jacob Salzer and his friend Michelle Hyatt. Every poem in the book is a gem. This book blew me away with it's depth and beauty. Highly recommend you read it too."

by Carolyn Winkler on